Sunday, 14 August 2011

Which holiday destination?

Who would have thought it would be so difficult to choose where to go on holiday?!

I want to make the most of the August bank holiday weekend, but also want to go midweek so we get a full weekend at the destination chosen. But where to choose?! According to the weather predicitons, Mexico is out, as is Thailand. Bali is good, but that is quite far..... I'm not thinking trip of a lifetime here, just a relaxing beach holiday, white sand and clear blue sea.... I've already been to Spain and Croatia this year, so want to go somewhere new. I'm thinking Italy (as a business trip to Milan was cancelled, I feel like I hsould give the country a go) or Greece; as a business trip to Athens, where all I saw was the inside of the Hilton hotel for three days doesn't count as visiting that country.

So, as I'm quite flexible on budget, and have been on a few music festival based trips this year Primavera in Barcelona and Soundwave Croatia out of the UK), I want a relaxing, non-stressful, lying in the sun, with a bit of culture, beach holiday (with the option of a swimming pool too please).

Recomendations and suggestions? On the back of a postcard please!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Check out some of my earrings!

Well... I did it! I went to some jewellery making classes and then enrolled at the City of Bath College and did their Applied Jewellery/Glass Summer School! I did some drawing and printmaking, made a glass bowl and a silver ring (amongst other bits of copper jewellery...). It was great fun, and I've just made some earrings as it's a girl at work's birthday and so I made a selection for theo tehrs to choose from, so we could give some to her, and have sold my first pair to another colleague! Today I signed up for the Silversmithing course that starts in September... it's all go!!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Jewellery Making

I have decided to start making jewellery.

Reason being my lovely black beaded necklace with a bow on it, that my beautiful sister bought me for my birthday last year, was about to break. The string holding it together was stretching and fraying so I went to the Shiney Rocks bead shop in Bath to find out if they could mend it for me.... I was told it would cost £20 (the necklace itself was about £20/£25) so I asked how much it would be if I could buy the tools to mend it myself!

I was told it would be quite easy, so I took this opportunity as a sign; as I have been wanting to be more creative: so for an extra £18 (OK so it was £38 in total) I am now the proud owner of four Shiney glitter handle tools (round nose pliers, snipe nose pliers, flat nose pliers and side cutter pliers - it's a whole new language!!!). I also have some findings and beadalon....

It took me two hours, but I mended it last night! I also attached a jump ring to a pendant, for a friend from work - she hadn't worn it for about 10 years but I have been able to give it a new lease of life for her! I feel ever so clever and useful now, so hopefully the tools will prove to be a worth while investment.

I'm going to an evening class tomorrow to learn how to make a chainmaille bracelet!!

Friday, 15 May 2009


The council have backed down and cancelled my Parking Charge...!!! At first they said no, so I wrote back to them again (didnt bother to wait the two weeks they suggested until I received the 'Notice to Owner') and they have apologised.

Well done me!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Car Parking

Why do these things always seem to happen to me.... I parked my car on Monday, checked it was still there (with wing mirrors intact etc) on Wednesday, yet when I walked past it on Friday, late at night, it had a yellow parking ticket on it was surrounded by orange roadwork barriers!! Completely imprisoned!! I could not believe it... check out the photos.

I went back to it in the morning on Saturday - of course no one was there doing any work on the massive hole in front of my car to help me, and Bath City Council wasn't answering the phone as it was a Saturday... So I had to move the barriers myself to get my poor car out!!

It's like the time years ago I lived on Burlington Street before it was residents parking... I parked on a Friday, went back to my car on the Sunday and the council had painted a white DISABLED line around my car!!!! Yes that's right.. out of the whole street they had chosen my car and decided to make it a disabled parking space....

Thursday, 30 April 2009


I have decided the time has come to get creative again. I want to pick up my sewing machine from my parents' house next time I go home, and get making quilts and cushions again! I would also like to try and sell some of my photographs...... I need to let the creative juices flow!!